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Permanet Lip Makeup

Q-Lips™  Training Course

You too can learn Q-Lips™, the latest permanent lip coloring technique, developed and trademarked by Maya Permanent Makeup Clinic. Q-Lips™ originated from the need to avoid an allergic reaction to numbing creams, and from a strong aversion to matter how subtle. This technique is specifically designed to be performed without using numbing agents, which reduces procedure time, is safer for your client, and makes for a more relaxed treatment. The Q-Lips technique can also quicken the healing process. Unlike other permanent makeup lip procedures, most individuals heal with virtually no scabbing or extreme peeling. There is no downtime, and the results can be truly amazing. Beautiful and natural, the Q-Lips technique can be used to offer your clients something unique and virtually pain free to enhance their natural beauty.


This course covers theory and practice. You will learn how to analyze lip structure and symmetry, select the proper pigments for each client, judge depth and pressure, handle after care and touch-ups, and everything else you will need to perform the Q-Lips™ procedure and attain amazing results. This course is suitable for both those with no experience, and those who already have extensive experience with permanent makeup treatments looking to expand their skills and offerings. You get two or four days of closely supervised training, and multiple Q&A sessions will be held throughout the course to answer any and all of your questions.


This is a hands on experiential course where you will practice on artificial skins and perform the procedure on a live model. There is a maximum of only 4 students per class to ensure individual attention.

Permanent Makeup Training Cost:

The tuition for the 2 day course is $3,000. The 4 day course is $4,500. To register for either course, you will need to pay a $500 deposit to hold your place in the class. The remaining balance must be paid before the beginning of the first day of your course. Due to tight scheduling requirements, your deposit is non-refundable. If something comes up that is going to cause you to miss the class, you will be able to transfer your deposit to a different course date, as long as you give us at least 10 days notice before your course start date.

   Included with Class:

  • Class study materials

  • Needle pack

  • Permanent Lip Coloring Machine

  • Class supply kit

  • Artificial Skins for practice

  • Client forms needed to get started

  • Live Model for practice procedures

  • After Care Guideline Sheet

  • Lunch from local restaurants

  • Completion Certificate on Graduation

  ​Course Outline:

  • Equipment, Pigment & Supplies

  • Client Consultation

  • Pre-care Recommendations

  • Needle Selection and Usage

  • Facial Morphology

  • Skin Disorders and Healing

  • Sterilization and Sanitation

  • Procedure Preparation

  • Demo of Q-Lips Procedure

  • Post Procedure Instructions

Powder & Ombre Brows, Nanoblading, and Permanent Eyeliner Training Courses

If you would like to combine the Q-Lips™ training with any other permanent makeup training courses, we can customize a training session just for you, and will do so at a significant discount to the cost of each class taken separately. Whether you are new to permanent makeup, or have years of experience, we will tailor the lessons to your level of knowledge and expertise. Call or text us today for course availability and pricing.

Each student is a unique individual with different artistic abilities, needs, goals, and ideas. Our goal is to help you every step of the way, training you to be the best permanent makeup technician that you can be.

•   Learn the newest and most advanced techniques in permanent lip coloring, microblading, and permanent eyeliner.

•   There will never be more than 4 students per class.

•   One-on-one training and practical application with live model. 

•   When you need help, text or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

•   As a graduate, you will always be notified of all upcoming advanced educational workshops being offered.

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